April Zaw


About April

What was it like starting at Bain? 

I joined Bain as an intern for the market reputation department in the Middle East for six months. That was my first job out of college after graduating from California State University, Fresno. I moved during the pandemic because it was a good opportunity, and also, why not? 

There, I worked on some really exciting projects. I built a media footprint, I planned and executed events, and I developed a social media strategy. It was a beautiful opportunity to learn from so many different people, and also to learn from myself—to push my boundaries and to expand. After that internship was done, it was a real question mark for me about what I would do next. Did I want to go back to the US and live in California? But when Bain offered me a permanent position, I didn’t have to think long. I had fallen in love with the culture, with how Bainies work, and with my job. 

How is the culture?  

This company really creates an environment where people are comfortable enough to challenge each other's assumptions. To work together to find better solutions for our clients. It’s also very diverse, and as someone who came from Myanmar, that’s so important.  

I’ve also really enjoyed being part of the Women at Bain affinity group because through this I have gotten access to talk to different women from various levels and industries and experiences. It really helps someone like me who’s just starting her career to hear about the challenges other women have faced and how they’ve overcome them. I’d say it’s been instrumental for me to have that community of women who are eager to mentor and guide me. 

What is a project you’re most proud of? 

I would say the Women’s Middle East Leadership Forum in Riyadh. I’m fortunate to have been a part of it. It’s a new platform we helped launch for senior women leaders in the GCC to connect and learn, led by a team of women Bainies. As a woman in the corporate world, I am aware of the challenges we face. It's empowering to see Bain committed to promoting gender diversity and parity. I think we do really impactful work. 

April's Career Story

After a Bain internship, April fell in love with the culture and stayed