Marina Rodrigues


About Marina

Why Bain? 

I’ve always known about Bain. In college, friends interned at other consulting firms, so I had heard of it. When I graduated, I was interested in consulting, but ended up taking a job at a big consumer packaged goods company because my love for that screamed the loudest. When I left my startup and saw the position to market startups within Bain, it caught my attention. The interview process sealed it. I learned about Bain’s values, the role marketing plays, and all the companies within New Ventures. It sounded innovative and challenging and it has been a wonderful path to choose. The more I learn, the more I love. There is so much to absorb and so many senior people willing to be mentors.  

What’s been the most rewarding experience?  

It was one of my first projects that is still ongoing—helping manage the LinkedIn presence of Fred Reichheld, one of our most tenured partners and the founder of the Net-Promoter Score®. He has a vast followership and his team wanted help developing a plan to amplify it. I had to convince Fred and earn his trust. I was obviously intimidated. He’s been at Bain for 46 years. But it was immensely rewarding and now we have a good relationship, and everything flows naturally. Having a direct channel to someone who so many people want to be in touch with is very rewarding.  

Are you part of any affinity groups? 

My first week at Bain, some Familia at Bain members approached me, and I felt what they were doing was really cool. Familia at Bain has been kind of a home away from home, helping me meet people with similar backgrounds and interests. That was my first sense of belonging in Atlanta and I got involved in their events. I helped offer the Cinco de Mayo happy hour and everybody had a lot of fun. We have a big sense of community in our office.  

What should other candidates know?  

That you can make your own path at Bain and the sky really is the limit. People are always willing to help you and have the best intentions. We strive to make a positive impact on our communities and become not only better professionals, but better people.

Marina's Career Story

"The more I learn, the more I love. There is so much to absorb."