Joachim Allerup



Strategist, innovator and three-time startup founder specializing in digital innovation and venture building

About Joachim


  • 15+ years of consulting experience across strategy and digital innovation
  • Head of Digital and CX at Virgin Mobile Australia
  • 3 times startup founder with 2 exits
  • Active angle investor

Joachim Allerup is an expert in our Innovation & Design practice focusing on NEXT – Engine 2 innovation, business building, value proposition design, digital business models, incubation and new ventures.

A three-time startup founder and strategy consultant, Joachim specializes in the intersection between strategy and innovation often expressed through innovation strategy, Engine 2 value proposition design, new venture-building, as well as developing new digital business models that create unique value and "winner-take-all" positioning.

Joachim co-founded Vertical Strategy and served as a partner for the firm prior to its integration with Bain in 2020.

His case portfolio includes bringing new concepts to market while simultaneously anchoring Agile ways of working and developing new internal digital competencies for a marine electronics firm; data analysis of 175,000+ ambulance trips and the overlay of a proprietary eVTOL model, or flying car, for an ambulance company as well as business model innovation and validation plan for a novel, disruptive B2B retail concept.

He holds an M.S. in business and mathematics from Copenhagen Business School.

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