Raj Heda

Expert Associate Partner,


Global Leader, Agile Practice

About Raj



  • 26+ years of experience in the Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Media, and Retail
  • Passionate and pragmatic agilist in leading and scaling business agility at 14 large enterprises in the past 20+ years
  • Co-authored Agile Project Management (2009) and Risk Management (2013) books
  • Published 14 patents
  • Adjunct professor at Boston University and visiting professor at MIT

Raj Heda is a member of our Agile Enterprise practice. He has over 26 years' of experience in the healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, media, and retail industries.

He is a passionate and pragmatic agilist, having led and scaled business agility at 14 large enterprises in the past 20+ years.

Some of his recent agile coaching experience includes leading a team of 11 global agile coaches rolling out an agile transformation program at a leading investment bank at an enterprise level. This involved rolling out lean portfolio management within 5 BUs; helping with mapping 16 ‘front-to-back’ customer journey value-streams; transitioning from project to (26) product models; implementing OKRs (3 BUs); establishing an agile management office (with 21 coaches); and enhancing the overall operating model.

Another project he worked on involved leading an agile transformation effort at a healthcare company transitioning a complex and critical program ($34.5 million) from waterfall to agile and redesigning their data and advanced analytics department. He also led a team of enterprise coaches managing agile transformation cases and helped to build a product suite of agile capabilities within a consulting organisation.

Raj also has strong expertise in leadership agility, agile maturity assessment, lean portfolio management, value stream mapping, OKRs and product management.

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