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Change Management

Change Management

More than 80% of major change management efforts fall short of their goals. Bain's Results Delivery® approach helps clients overcome the odds by predicting, measuring and managing the risk associated with change from day one. The result: unparalleled support from strategy to implementation that delivers sustained results.

Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organizations do it well. In a Bain survey, more than 80 percent of companies said they failed to realize the expected results from recent change management initiatives. That rate hasn't improved from similar surveys we conducted in the 1980s and 1990s. Meanwhile the challenges of change management are only getting more complex. Based on decades of experience and a careful analysis of 184 global companies, we have developed a differentiated point of view on change initiatives—one that delivers results. We help you move past traditional change management approaches so you can:

  • Structure, orchestrate and enable the change your organization needs to make, by focusing on the coaching and capability building that are essential to winning buy-in and making change stick.  We work with you on every facet of this change approach, and support these efforts with a sophisticated cloud-based tool that helps you track, and accelerate, every facet of your change initiatives.
  • Reenergize a transformation effort by tackling the single biggest reason transformations stall: lack of energy. Bain helps you renew your commitment to the goal and rekindle excitement throughout the organization. We also help you address the behavioral issues that often hamper any type of change initiative.
  • Demonstrate the leadership necessary to making change happen, so that the senior team is fully aligned and embodies a shared sense of purpose that inspires the broader organization. Our unique co-creation approach can help you unleash the collective talents and insights of your team, reminding them of what they’ve achieved so far, and motivating them to achieve even more. 



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Our Perspective

Our Perspective

Change is predictable

Typical change management suggests that much about change is irrational and hard to predict. In fact, delivery risks are highly predictable, measurable and manageable. Most change management programs stall because organizations fail to consider risks of change delivery and implementation. A simple risk assessment at the outset can identify specific risks early, and providing a simple, practical set of actions that dramatically improve the odds of success.

Go beyond installation

Many organizations install a change successfully, but then stumble when they try to realize the anticipated benefits. Installation is relatively easy–it's like designing a new playbook in the sports world. To realize the benefits of the new book, the players have to start using the new plays. That's the hard part: It requires changing the way people behave. Executives who fail to identify and manage the few critical behaviors that need to change will face an uphill battle. The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful change efforts is breaking past installation and onto realization.

Build a Sponsorship Spine

For any transformational change to succeed, people have to think and work differently. And to get these new behaviors to stick, they need to be reinforced and celebrated by a connected group of sponsors throughout the organization, the Sponsorship Spine. The direct line boss has the greatest influence over individual behaviors. That is why it's essential to build a Sponsorship Spine from the bottom up. An unbroken chain from the frontline to the C-suite will ensure that people at every level understand their roles and are ready to engage. Sponsorship is a cascading process and a "black hole" anywhere along the line will stop the change process below it. Program managers and senior leaders must continually monitor the health of the Sponsorship Spine, because it is essential to achieving results. If sponsors prove ineffective, they should be coached or, if necessary, replaced.

Realizing results is not easy. It takes time, focus, determination and planning for a future where, even with the best of intentions, things are likely to veer off course. Bain is a partner with the experience to help navigate these tricky waters and help your organization deliver lasting results.

Our Results Delivery approach is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Help individuals succeed: Organizations don't change, people do. To get results, individuals must behave differently. Identify the vital few behaviors that drive the most results, and reinforce them with timely, positive and consistent consequences. Invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities. Build motivation for the change by shifting communication toward a two-way dialogue.
  • Bring the future to life: Create a clear and compelling vision for the future. Ensure that leaders are aligned, committed to this vision and ready to enroll the entire organization. Develop solutions that are credible and create pull for the change.
  • Inspire deep commitment: Develop leadership talent and ensure that leaders work effectively together. Build a healthy Sponsorship Spine: apply an intentional process to cascade commitment along the spine through the front line and activate key influencers.
  • Deliver the value: Develop a realistic transformation plan informed by the organization's capacity to implement and absorb change; establish a governance structure to ensure effective, efficient decision-making. Maintain a focus on realization while creating the plan and measuring progress.
  • Build to sustain: Modify the organizational enablers—roles, structure and culture—and adapt systems and technology to support the change. Establish feedback loops and response mechanisms to enable solutions to evolve as needed to ensure enduring results.


Results Delivery® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc.

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