Hybrid and office work

Hybrid and office work

We work in or out of the office as suits the situation, the team, your growth, and the client. We want you to be able to do your very best work, and we want clients to achieve the very best results. So far, we’ve done that by crafting a culture of high mutual trust and affinity, where being a "Bainie" means something, even decades after you leave, and where clients are wowed by how well we work together. 

Sometimes, to achieve all that, you have to be in an office. And just as often, you don’t, and we can all save a commute. We believe in innovation, data, and location as a tool for better client results.


Hybrid is a tool that helps us live our principles

We know from 50 years of work that there are a few keys to outstanding client results: We operate under a home office model of bigger, fewer hubs where everyone has a chance to participate in Bain culture. And we have a culture of apprenticeship where you'll learn from our leaders who are eager to "pay it forward." Sometimes, white-boarding in-person with them will make the winning difference in your work, whereas other times, working from home is just as effective.  

Our hybrid work philosophy

You can live many careers at Bain and the amount in-office versus remote work is always a question of two things: what will create the best results for clients, and what will help you have a fulfilling and sustainable career?


Global travel and connection

Back to our principles, we travel when it helps us drive the best results for clients. If you prefer travel, you will likely have that opportunity. If you interact directly with clients, you’ll talk with your team about how and where you work best. Most Bainies get the flexibility to work several days a week in the office and wherever else on the remaining days (which could include the office). We have programs that let you work out of other offices, and if life changes and you must move, we'll always do our best to support.

We’re everywhere you want to be

We have offices in dozens of countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific—with clusters of locations within each of those regions. Where can you see yourself?