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Customer Insights & Segmentation

We help you deepen your relationships with your most loyal, profitable customers, by applying superior segmentation capabilities based on advanced analytics. You'll serve existing customers better and win new ones.

Customer Insights & Segmentation

Bain Partner Tom Springer explains how companies can achieve customer intimacy at scale and transmit essential information about customers to frontline employees.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Simple averages can’t accurately capture the preferences of either your customers or the marketplace as a whole. A sound customer strategy recognizes that profit potential varies dramatically across a company's customer base, and different customers can have radically different needs and behaviors. We work with clients to understand their customer segments and align these insights to their organization's unique operational strengths.

Using rigorous quantitative techniques combined with real customer interactions—interviews, ethnography, shop-alongs and focus groups – our customer insights consulting experts identify new opportunities for clients to deepen relationships with the loyal, profitable customers they know best. And we help clients keep their segmentation insights fresh by enlisting their customers' help and continued feedback to spur innovation, navigate shifts in the marketplace and anticipate changing tastes and needs.

Aided by the deep expertise within our Advanced Analytics Group, we help clients allocate their resources, go after the right opportunities and ensure that they will realize the full revenue potential of their products, services and relationships. And our breakthrough NPS Prism® benchmarking service allows you to understand what customers like (and don't like), so you can prioritize your customer experience efforts as never before.

Focusing on economics first, we work alongside companies to design and implement segmentation strategies tailored to their needs. Our analysis is comprehensive, but we are careful to keep our clients focused on the data that directly relates to product and process improvements that will generate results.

Client Results


Our Customer Insights & Segmentation Experts

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