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Forest Products, Paper & Packaging

Forest products, paper and packaging comprises many subsectors, each with its own challenges. While the developing world presents growth opportunities for all, in more mature markets the outlook is decidedly mixed, varying by product category, geography and underlying economics. Bain works with companies in all sectors to find paths to profitable growth no matter what the obstacles may be.


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In these times of turmoil, winners and losers will emerge in the forest products, paper and packaging industry. Winners will emerge in China and other developing markets, and winners also will emerge in North America and other developed markets by consolidating declining segments while creating profitable leaders with capacity discipline. Biofuels and specialty fibers, in particular, are presenting established players with new growth markets.

Bain is working with the world’s leading forest products, paper and packaging companies to make the best strategic decisions and to improve operating performance in this demanding market environment.

Bain has a global network of forest products, paper and packaging experts with centers of excellence in Canada, the US, Brazil, Northern Europe, China and Southeast Asia. We have experience across the following major industry areas:

  • Forest products
  • Pulp and paper
  • Packaging (paper, plastic, metal, glass)

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