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Changing the Dialogue

This episode is part of our Black History Month mini-series. We’ve gathered some of our Blacks at Bain members and former Black alums to honor and shed light on the work of our people, and what we’ve done and are continually doing, as a firm, to be a more socially and racially equitable place to work, specifically highlighting (for) our Black community.


Changing the Dialogue

There are some conversations you just need to have, no matter how uncomfortable they can be. 

For a young associate consultant and consultant in 2014, Ali Evans and Anjarae Hamilton felt they needed to share their personal convictions and have that tough conversation with members of their Bain San Francisco office after the murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York.  

Now as Bain alums, Ali, a VP and technology investor at Francisco Partners, and Anjarae, head of apparel at Faire, reflect on how the conversation went and share ideas on how to have more of them in the future. From creating a deck with data (the consultant thing to do) on systemic racism to sharing their personal experiences, Ali and Anjarae organized a standing-room only “family meeting” in the office. They made it their mission to not only be heard, but to also spur action. The aftermath and ripple effect of their conversation was dynamic and transformative.  

Hear them share their thoughts and experiences of creating a space at Bain to discuss the social and racial unrest in the US and its impact. You’ll also learn more about them—their experience working here, being part of the Blacks at Bain community and their impressive career journeys. 

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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