Davos 2020: A Renewed Commitment to a Better World

Bain’s Manny Maceda discusses how the founding mission of the World Economic Forum has been on full display at this year’s meeting.


Davos 2020: A Renewed Commitment to a Better World

On the 50th anniversary of Davos, companies around the world are preparing to make broad changes to meet new challenges, and Bain is no exception. Bain Worldwide Managing Partner Manny Maceda describes how the dialogue among business leaders this year has reflected a commitment to spark global improvement, and shares how Bain's mission fits in with these efforts.

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MANNY MACEDA: On this, the 50th anniversary of Davos, it's felt to me that it's closest to its original founding mission of trying to have an impact on the world in terms of the discourse and the commitment to actually do things that are true to that mission. I've been inspired that the focus and the dialogue on, let's call it most broadly stakeholder capitalism, purpose, the desire to solve all the problems, even with the commercial public and private enterprise companies here, it's both very real, it's clearly a priority, and the dialogue is translating into real action and commitment by so many companies, including our own, that this is the right time in our planet's history to make these kinds of change.

Our commitment to being a more purposeful firm, how we adjusted our own mission statement to put the focus on broad definitions of value, and how everything we're doing, we have to think about multiple stakeholders. Yes, the clients of course, but the impact on the planet, on the people, on society at large. That dialogue and that thread has been running throughout Davos. And some of the things we've been doing at Bain actually have been part of the dialogue here. I was very excited yesterday to be part of a group of 100 CEOs where we discussed the idea of lighthouse projects, that all companies are contributing, that really role-models what the World Economic Forum is about.

And some of the Bain projects . . . were part of the dialogue. The work we did for the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, our partnership with the Nature Conservancy, the great examples of work that is really being highlighted. And when they use the term lighthouse, it's a leading edge and it's a shining light to what the world needs. And we we're actively part of that dialogue, and that excites me.

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