Greg Caimi: Organizing for Digital

Executives can upgrade their capabilities in order to keep up with digital.


Greg Caimi: Organizing for Digital

Although digital creates new opportunities, it also brings a unique set of challenges that blur boundaries in an organization. Greg Caimi, who leads Bain's Digital practice in the Americas, summarizes three ways executives can upgrade their capabilities in new and traditional areas in order to keep up with digital.

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GREG CAIMI: Digital creates new opportunities, but also several new challenges for organizations. We feel like the organization chart's not actually going to end, but organizational boundaries will blur, both internally and outside the organization.

We think companies will need to make a major upgrade to their capabilities, not just in the digital areas, but also in traditional areas of the organization.

Senior executives will need to upgrade some of their capabilities, as well, and focus on rapid and flexible decision processes in order to keep up with Agile teams.

Well, executives need to continue to focus on the "what"—the corporate vision and strategic initiatives—but they can delegate the "how" to self-organizing Agile teams.

Executives need to promote test-and-learn and encourage an experimentation culture that doesn't penalize failure. And finally, executives need to focus on cross-functional collaboration within Agile teams, and incentivize team performance over individual performance.


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