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Stay Ahead of Rising Prices

Track inflationary pressures across the portfolio and help management teams combat shared threats together.


Stay Ahead of Rising Prices

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Shawn O'Brien, an associate partner in our Commercial Excellence practice, explained how private equity firms are radically shifting pricing strategies to get ahead of inflationary pressures.

Once you get past those initial price hikes, however, the question remains: How do you stay ahead of inflationary pressures for months, or possibly even years, out?

That’s the issue Shawn and I explored in part two of our inflation series. We look at the dashboards that private equity houses are building out today, which will help them monitor emerging threats across the portfolio. We also discuss how firms are using that data to spark a conversation across management teams, so they learn to combat shared threats together.

“These things have the most success when you actually tie them to your weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual business reviews,” Shawn explains. “Building an inflationary response into those discussions as a part of the normal course of business is going to go a lot further than, say, standing up a completely separate process outside of the heartbeat of the business.”  


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