Abhishek Sharma

About Abhishek

What has inspired you to stay at Bain for so long?  

Colleagues sometimes ask me how I’ve spent so long working at one company. This is how I explain it. Back when I joined Bain, all my friends and I were working on what we called a three year-plan: In year one, you enter a company and learn all the tools. In year two, you develop expertise in those tools. And in year three, you move on to a new firm with better growth prospects.  

For me, at Bain, that second year never came. It’s always been my first year. I have never stopped feeling challenged. I am always learning and getting to play with new technologies like large language models. There has never been a day when I felt like I knew everything.  

There’s also a great culture full of driven people who work with purpose. There’s the fact you can be very real without being judged. It’s great. This is not to say my career has always been easy—I have faced uncertainty—but here you have enough support to navigate it. The company is responsive to your needs. You’ll find you’re back on track in no time.  

So, great learning. Great opportunities. Great leadership. 

Why do you continue to choose Bain?    

With the support Bain provides, you can explore innovative ideas beyond your immediate job and maintain a healthy balance by dedicating time to things that matter outside of work. As a valued member of our team, you will enjoy the freedom to innovate and contribute your ideas. Additionally, you will have the chance to engage in hackathons with emerging technologies, regularly present to customers during sprint reviews, and work on your communication and management abilities. 

What has it been like transitioning roles?  

My biggest transition was from individual contributor to leadership. All my peers and seniors were very supportive in letting me try my own methods. They didn’t try to make me adopt one style. They allowed me to explore my own sense of ownership. Did previous Bain experience contribute? Absolutely. Bain has a very distinctive way of creating an environment where people want to do the right thing always. That made my transition smooth. 

Abhishek's Career Story

“Great learning. Great opportunities. Great leadership.”