Keri Poirier

About Keri

Hi, my name is Keri. I'm a Senior Manager in the Office of the Chief Information Officer that is a part of Global Technology Solutions Group. I graduated from Bentley University in 2010 and worked at an email marketing company before joining Bain in 2011.

My Bain journey has been extremely fulfilling, both professionally and personally. I joined the firm as a training coordinator, which allowed me to meet other Bainies from around the world in some pretty fascinating places.  I was a member of the training department for almost four years before I had the opportunity to join TSG. In fact, some of my favorite projects ultimately led me to where I am today. Working to introduce an event app at training programs sparked my interest in software and technology.

"Managing hotels and vendors for training events helped me find my passion for bridging gaps between our needs at Bain and what external vendors can offer. "

Throughout my decision process and transition between departments, I felt immensely supported by colleagues on both teams. 

Being able to take the time to reflect on what motivates me, and feeling encouraged to speak about it with my colleagues and managers, is not something I had expected when I joined Bain. Without the guidance and support of my managers along the way, I likely would not be in the role I am today.

For those considering Bain or undergoing the recruiting process, don’t be afraid to vocalize what energizes you about a position. Excitement is contagious and part of what makes working at Bain so special.