Howie Wright

About Howie

Hi, my name is Howie. I work on the Collaboration Technology team, focusing on current technologies as well as testing new ones. Prior to joining Bain, I studied at Suffolk University with a major in information technology.

Previously I had an internship at a company that emphasized the importance of a positive culture. 

"When applying for jobs, culture was a significant factor for me. Bain has an amazing reputation for a collaborative culture."

Hearing my interviewers describe how heavily Bain focuses on culture and professional development only increased my interest in working for the firm.

Some of my most exciting work is testing new technologies. Recently we tested and piloted a new collaboration tool. Using the new technology and working to understand its capabilities and potential was a great learning experience.

At Bain you work with some of the most intelligent, genuine people who all want to help you succeed, which is amazing. I started my career at Bain on the Help Desk. After a year, I saw a position open up on the Collaboration team. I was always interested in these types of technologies, so I applied and got the job. Bain allowed me to focus on areas I'm interested in, pushing my professional development further.