The New CEO Growth Imperative

The New CEO Growth Imperative

Amid industry disruption and macroeconomic turbulence, the path to profitable growth can feel…elusive. There is a way forward: Earn growth with renewed focus on customers. Too obvious? Hear us out.

The New CEO Growth Imperative

WATCH: Enduring, profitable growth must be earned by winning on purpose

Value at stake

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Happy customers make happy investors

When companies put customer interests first, they stoke an amazing loyalty growth engine. And investors love it, our research says.

Earning growth in B2B

Business2Human: The Era of Customer Centricity

ServiceNow’s Chief Customer and Partner Officer Lara Caimi explains why customer-centricity leads to growth in every sector, and shares advice for aligning the C-suite through the frontline around that mission.


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Earned growth in B2B

As few as 22% of B2B companies consistently measure and act on their customers’ experience. Those who do not are leaving money on the table

Leadership & Talent

The Power of Love​

Customer love blooms with purpose-driven leadership. Meet some of the executives leading with love.

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The talent you need to grow​

Without the right talent, you can’t grow. Our analysis of Glassdoor and NPS Prism demonstrates that companies that love their customers also have some of the happiest employees.​

Innovation ecosystem

Customer engagement, reimagined​

Only remarkable products and experiences lead to enduring customer loyalty economics. Bold innovation is required, and here we unpack one example: NFTs.​ Held in a multipurpose wallet registered to the owner, NFTs enable two-way communication with the brand through the wallet, similar to an alert or chat in an app. 

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Winning on Purpose

A must-read story and your indispensable guide for inspiring customer love within your own teams and utilizing Net Promoter to achieve both personal and business success. Available now!

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