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Change Power Index℠

Our Change Power IndexSM is a breakthrough benchmarking tool that evaluates your relative performance on nine key elements of “changeability.” 

Change is changing. In today's unpredictable global economy the ability to measure change has become essential. But there has never been an easy way to do that—until now. The Change Power Index gives you a clear, actionable view of the factors that determine your organization’s ability to transform itself when it counts.

The Change Power Index reveals your company’s “changeability.” A high Change Power correlates with higher financial performance and greater employee engagement. The index is validated through external data sources, such as company financial performance and rankings. Measuring the strengths and weaknesses of your changeability provides unparalleled insights on leadership, teamwork and organization.  

Beginning with a 5- to 10-minute employee survey, our unique tool generates baseline scores across nine dimensions. You can then compare these scores against benchmark data drawn from nearly 2,000 employees across a range of industries, roles and tenures. The Change Power Index highlights where you should focus your energy and reveals promising opportunities for growth and innovation.

Notre impact

Notre impact

Why Change Power Matters

Why Change Power Matters

Companies with superior “changeability” outperform on many measures (figures are in comparison to bottom-quartile companies)

Featured Insight

Featured Insight

The Power to Change

You can build a company that thrives in these times of constant change.

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Change Power Index℠ is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc.

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