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Davos 2017: Managing Uncertainty

Business and political leaders can take concrete actions in the face of global uncertainty.


Davos 2017: Managing Uncertainty

Henrik Naujoks, who leads Bain's Financial Services practice for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, discusses how business and political leaders can take concrete actions in the face of global uncertainty.

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Read the transcript below.

HENRIK NAUJOKS: The last 24 hours were very interesting because, talking to businessmen and politicians, still the whole notion of uncertainty remains. The uncertainty is driven by so many facts currently. When I talk to people, it's not only the new Trump administration. It's the Brexit. It's the upcoming elections in Europe. It's the China situation. It's the financial bubble. We cannot change their uncertainty, but we have to manage it.

There is a lot of hope, and people are asking for concrete action. What can we actually do? It's not about guessing. It's not about spending tons of time speculating, but taking concrete actions.

And one of the very optimistic things that I have perceived is the whole technology angle, where people say there's so much going on, that it's changing for the good, and let's continue to benefit from it. Let's continue to push it. Let's continue to take the best out of it for the individual countries, for society, et cetera. And it's a nice notion.


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