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New Digital Ventures

Few companies succeed in bringing new digital businesses to life.  Launchpad is a systematic program that combines digital expertise, start-up methodologies, design thinking and our pragmatic, results-driven focus to help you innovate and transform your digital future.

New Digital Ventures

Launching new digital ventures is a top priority for many companies today. Executive teams and boards know that digital innovation is critical, to reinvent core business models in the face of disruption, expand into adjacent (digital) revenue streams, or open up entirely new lines of business.

Efforts to create new corporate ventures based on digital innovation typically begin with great fanfare, but they often fail to achieve even a fraction of their potential. Growth objectives aren’t met, the programs cost far more than anticipated, or great ideas get bogged down in the daily grind of normal operations and never get off the ground.

Launchpad can propel you past these common pitfalls. It’s a rigorous, battle-tested approach that guides you from promising idea to solid results. Launchpad gives you confidence that your innovation investments will succeed, and that you’ll develop the internal capabilities you need to build on your success.

At the core of Launchpad are five distinct lenses used to validate ideas and advance your progress:

  1. Strategic alignment: How are your innovation goals aligned with your core strategy?
  2. Customer desirability: Does your idea serve the needs of, and exceed the expectations of, intended users?
  3. Commercial viability: Is the opportunity worth the effort, and what are the necessary drivers of value?
  4. Product feasibility: What’s required to build the solution(s)?
  5. People & capability: Do you have the team, operating model and partners you need to effectively execute the innovation?

Launchpad provides both a comprehensive roadmap and an essential gating function, so you move from one stage to the next assured that you’re on track to achieve an impressive ROI. We bring design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to your efforts, supported by Agile teams, deep digital expertise, practical business and operational planning, and a commitment to progressing rapidly from vision to pilot to fully scaled solution, continuously testing and learning along the way.


Risultati attesi

Risultati attesi

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Client Results


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