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Darci Darnell

Partner, Chicago

Customer strategy and marketing leader with extensive experience advising financial services clients on the changing economic and regulatory landscape.

About Darci



  • Leader of Global Customer Strategy & Marketing practice
  • Global Women's Leadership Council Member
  • Experience in Bain's London, San Francisco and New York offices

Darci Darnell is a partner in Bain & Company's Chicago office. She leads Bain's Global Customer Strategy & Marketing practice and is an active leader in the firm's Financial Services and Strategy practices.

Darci has nearly two decades of management consulting experience.

She works with clients across a range of industries to address customer strategy and marketing topics, with particular expertise in customer retention strategy, NPS® and employee engagement. She has also led work across various topics in B2B, including segmentation, product line strategy, hothouse prototyping and business unit strategy. 

"When companies have employees who are engaged—who are eager to put their discretionary energy, creativity, and enthusiasm to work—the companies grow faster."

Darci Darnell

Within the financial services industry, Darci advises clients in the payments, banking, insurance, consumer lending, credit cards and mortgage lending sectors. She has worked with clients in a range of additional industries, including consumer products, healthcare and technology. She regularly provides expert advice on the changing economic and regulatory landscape and its impact on corporate and business unit strategy in financial services. She also has extensive experience in merger integration, customer experience and loyalty and performance improvement.

In addition, Darci is a leader in Bain's gender parity initiatives and sits on the Global Women's Leadership Council. She regularly speaks and participates in women's networking events. 

Darci has worked in Bain's London, San Francisco and New York offices. Prior to joining Bain in 2000, she was a Principal Consultant with another global firm in North America and Asia, notably South Korea. She also worked at Dell Computer in the Office of the Chairman. Outside of Bain, she is an investor in the fitness and technology services industry.

Darci earned an MBA from The Tuck School at Dartmouth College. She received a BS in business administration with honors from Washington University in St. Louis. Darci passed the CPA exam in 1995. 

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