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M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

Make better investment decisions with thorough diligence—leveraging proprietary insights to bid confidently and competitively.

M&A Due Diligence

Successful mergers and acquisitions demand world-class diligence. As the unquestioned market leader in due diligence consulting, we have worked on more than 18,000 due diligence projects for corporate acquirers and private equity firms. With 2,000 experienced professionals, an arsenal of best-in-class tools and analytics, and expertise spanning all geographies and industries, we make sure every deal achieves its full potential.

Our starting point is a clear, testable deal thesis that helps us focus on issues that really matter. We pair fieldwork—gaining insight into customers, suppliers, and competitors—with alternative data solutions, automation tools, and M&A-specific advanced analytics to build a proprietary understanding of the acquisition’s true potential.

We push beyond high-level synergy assessment, determining how feasible synergies are, where there is risk, and what the sequencing and timing should be. We help you spot upsides in the deal that others miss and provide objective perspectives to protect against deal fever. Understanding that planning for integration must happen during diligence, not after, we help you address the talent, technology, and ESG issues that will set the foundation for success.

Ultimately, we ensure you not only bid competitively but are also positioned to capture that value after acquisition.

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