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ESG Done Continuously

In part three of our series on environmental, social and governance concerns, Bain's Jenny Davis-Peccoud discusses isolating the ESG indicators that really matter to your portfolio.


ESG Done Continuously

“ESG can sometimes feel like a never-ending list of new issues,” says Jenny Davis-Peccoud, head of Bain’s Global Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility practice.

“You can start with carbon and then it’s plastics and then it’s water and then it’s deforestation and then it’s working conditions and then it’s diversity, equity and inclusion.”

That’s just for starters. In fact, Jenny can point you to more than 570 indicators of ESG performance, but she insists that what really matters is keeping your ESG strategy simple.

Today on the show, Jenny joins us for the final installment of our ESG series. (Listen to part one and part two.)

She’ll explain how she helps clients pick their way through a veritable forest of indicators and how they discover the missing links between ESG and value.


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