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It’s a new era for telcos: As 5G takes hold, it’s no longer enough to be digitally native. You need to be AI-native.

That’s why we created Lumi, a breakthrough AI-powered platform that gives all your decision-makers incredibly detailed customer, competitive and network data & insights, so they can make faster, more accurate decisions that drive superior ROI.

Faced with a long list of big-ticket, make-or-break decisions across every facet of strategy and operations, telcos can no longer afford to spend weeks and months on old-school, labor-intensive analytics efforts that may or may not pay off.

Lumi is a quantum leap from traditional business intelligence and geospatial solutions. It integrates hyper-local analytics—on subscribers, technologies, devices, environmental constraints, and much more—with powerful data science and AI/ML capabilities.

Now your go-to-market organization can zero in on the most promising opportunities at incredibly granular levels. Critical 5G, fiber and cable infrastructure deployments can be mapped with unprecedented precision—down to the centimeter, across entire cities, states and countries.

Lumi helps you solve your toughest challenges and achieve fast and significant ROI across all your strategy, go-to-market, customer experience and network/technology investments. Decisions that once took weeks and months can now be made in days, and even minutes, at scale and with a level of precision that exceeds what’s humanly possible.

See for yourself—Lumi’s data visualization capabilities are as impressive as its analytics technology.

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What Lumi Delivers

What Lumi Delivers

Lumi: A Closer Look

Lumi: A Closer Look

This unprecedented combination of precision and action, powered by a flexible, scalable platform, empowers your front lines to make the right moves to monetize your 5G investments and so much more. Supported by Bain’s deep industry knowledge and experience, Lumi can propel any telco’s performance to an entirely new level.

In developing Lumi we incorporated the breakthrough capabilities of key best-of-breed data and technology companies, including:

  • HEAVY.AI: The pioneer in accelerated analytics, its massively scalable converged analytics platform is critical to making Lumi fast, powerful and effortless to use.
  • QualComm: Committed to scalable and ubiquitous solutions, QualComm provides detailed simulations of network coverage and received user experience to help Lumi generate the technical insights that drive smart decisions.
  • Maxar: Maxar owns and operates the most sophisticated commercial imaging satellite constellation in orbit, collecting and quickly delivering premium-quality imagery and derived 3D geodata with consistent quality and accuracy at regional, national or global scale.

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