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How Engaging in Private Equity Helps with Early Career Acceleration

Rebecca Burack, a partner in our Boston office, transitioned from an industrial engineering career to consulting after learning about Bain through her manager who was pursuing a career at the firm. Once joining Bain, Rebecca did everything to avoid private equity cases, but as she accelerated within her career, she learned why it's important to jump on these cases early to succeed in the consulting world. Now as a leader in our private equity group (PEG), Rebecca shares the origins of private equity consulting, the importance of PEG and how consultants can navigate within this practice for career success.


How Engaging in Private Equity Helps with Early Career Acceleration

Being open to new experiences can lead to many personal and professional opportunities. Curious to expand her career past what was suggested from a counselor, our guest chose to transition her path from industrial engineering to consulting. Her choice to shift careers has proven that being open-minded and embracing new opportunities can be life-changing and rewarding.

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Rebecca Burack, a partner in our Boston office, initially pursued an industrial engineering career due a counselor’s suggestion, but after working in that industry for a few years, Rebecca decided to explore other career options. Introduced to business school and the consulting world by her manager who was pursuing a career at Bain, Rebecca chose to attend Harvard Business School to earn her MBA and joined Bain shortly after finishing school. The choice to join Bain was simple: she wanted to join a company that not only prided themselves on their work, but to work with people who get the jobs done.

Rebecca currently leads our private equity practice in the Americas, but she did everything possible to avoid these types of cases when she first joined. Not working on a private equity case until she made partner, she learned that this was a big mistake and now advocates for consultants to expose themselves to private equity work at their earliest chance. Listen to Rebecca’s journey to Bain and why she believes it’s so important to have private equity work as part of your early consulting experience.

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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