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Customer Experience Analytics

The insights you need to create superior customer experiences are now at your fingertips. Customer Experience Analytics integrates customer and operational data with a user-friendly interface that makes analysis fast and effective.

Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics provides powerful new insights about your current performance and can point the way to spectacular improvements. Our approach can help you redesign customer episodes to be simpler, faster and cheaper. We help the entire organization, from leadership to frontlines, take the actions that will increase the total value of your customer base.

We offer a full range of services, from episode analytics to sentiment analysis to predictive NPS® powered by our proven Net Promoter SystemSM. We deploy industry-leading tools to ingest data from a wide range of systems, including CRM, clickstream, contact center, marketing, and more. And we apply cutting-edge visualization and AI technologies to help you understand customer behavior, customer flow and other factors that can inform customer episode redesign.

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