Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Gather a lifetime of learning in your first few years.


Our investment in your learning

There are many reasons Bain is consistently ranked the number one major consulting firm, for both formal and informal training, in the Vault Consulting 50. We operate under an apprenticeship model, so you learn directly from senior leaders. That training is designed by our own learning and development team which specializes in the most innovative methodologies.

We periodically gather you and a cohort of peers in person in cities like Los Angeles, Singapore, or Barcelona to prepare you for the next phase of your career. And we take a global approach where the entire company shares models and concepts so we can all speak one operational language, and your skills are transferable. 

And that’s on top of extensive, personalized digital learning pathways where you can discover skills used in other roles, as well as sessions on topics like inclusive leadership. It’s all designed to give you every opportunity to grow, and the flexibility to build a career you’d never imagined.

Managers from around the world come to Phuket, Thailand for training.

Purpose, rewards, opportunity, and a chance to thrive

We invest in your learning

At Bain you’ll get the best of all worlds. Every role has a career path you can follow into leadership, but we also encourage you to follow your interests.


Develop a career you never imagined.

No two people’s paths through Bain are the same. Many of us find ourselves in roles far from where we started, and that’s part of the opportunity here. Hear from designers, product managers, HR managers, consultants, and more who chose their own path at Bain.

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