Learning as a Client Delivery Expert

Learning as a Client Delivery Expert

When you join Bain as an expert, you’ll have a rigorous learning plan aligned to your tenure and designed to help you acquire any needed skills. It'll give you opportunities to deepen your expertise while broadening your business, analytical, creative, and consulting skills. We'll tailor that training to your circumstance, so all content is relevant, and you’ll have the freedom to direct your own learning.

Learn within a structure, but guide your own career

Our expert training is designed to help you in three areas: to learn how Bain’s business works, to hone your consulting and communication abilities, and to pursue your unique area of expertise. This training is also unique in that in addition to regional and local training, we conduct global programs, where you’ll visit a city like Berlin, Miami and Singapore to work on leadership skills. And all training follows an apprenticeship model, which means you'll learn directly from those who have succeeded in your role. 

Beyond that, if the rest of this training program sounds similar to our training programs for all roles, that’s on purpose. We train as one team, meaning, we share concepts and models so everyone speaks one organizational language and has equally expansive opportunities. 

Hear from experts who built their own careers

Countless experts here will tell you that they owe at least part of their success to the learning and development. Wherever you join from, there’s a learning pathway to help you pursue the skills you need.