Product Management & Innovation

Product Management & Innovation

One of the best product management or innovation jobs you can have is working here at Bain. We aim to be the excellence and innovation we offer to our clients and so you'll get unique opportunities to configure business systems in new ways, develop and commercialize internal products, and in some cases, grow entirely new ventures from zero to scale.

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A product management job where you’ll fail forward fast with support

The thing that sets product and venture work at Bain apart is the talent and access to expertise. Where normally you’d have to spend years cultivating partners and customers, that’s all built in and accessible, especially when it’s an internal tool and Bain is the customer. If you want to talk to someone at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, private equity, and microplastics, you can get all three people on the phone this week. And your pilot customers will be Bain or some of the world’s most innovative companies.  

Join us. We’re experienced product managers, systems thinkers, venture architects, and startup ecosystem experts rapidly changing the world in a dynamic environment where all ideas are welcome, so long as they bring data. 

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