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Commercial Operating Model

Many sales organizations aren’t prepared to compete in today’s radically altered business environment. Commercial Operating Model ensures that you effectively manage and deploy all your selling resources to deliver a winning customer experience.

We’ve helped more than 2,500 companies around the world get the most from their sales operations. We focus on understanding the customer and aligning your commercial model with your business strategy. And we bring a wide range of complementary skills and expertise to support every facet of commercial operating model enhancement and transformation. We make sure your commercial organization is optimally structured, with the right people in the right roles, decision rights clearly defined, and key handoffs identified to ensure tight coordination.

We help you:

  • Stay on target Develop a sales system that not only brings the right offer at the right time but also delivers unexpected delight based on a deep understanding of each customer’s value.
  • Reimagine the channel mix Invest in a mix of low- and high-touch channels to match sales capacity with market opportunity and customer preference.
  • Raise the bar on talent Recruit, train and reward your people more effectively than ever.
  • Get the wiring right  Unlock sales capacity by investing in data and analytics to improve performance, tools to reinforce the right behaviors, and dashboards to track effectiveness.


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Risultati attesi

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