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Store Operations Transformation

We help you boost sales and productivity and reduce costs across every facet of store operations, from labor, facilities and inventory management to e-commerce and omnichannel optimization to enhanced customer service and satisfaction.

Many factors determine the efficiency of your store operations, making for both a complex challenge and an ideal opportunity for transformation. We offer an end-to-end suite of solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s optimizing a single facet of operations or rethinking every element. The result: sales go up and costs go down.

We employ a range of diagnostic tools that analyze store performance across your footprint, apply a robust benchmarking process to reveal how you compare to peers, identify the areas where you lead and lag, and map the actions that will make you best-in-class. Our industry-leading change management expertise ensures that front-line employees embrace the behaviors so critical to operational excellence.

We can help you achieve new levels of labor productivity, improve both customer and employee experience, reduce shrinkage and product waste, boost inventory efficiency, reinvent your omnichannel fulfillment processes, and respond to Covid-19 with vastly improved e-commerce capabilities.

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