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ESG Done Right

In part one of our series on environmental, social and governance concerns, CVC’s Jean-Rémy Roussel discusses how ESG can benefit every stakeholder in a company, as well as society as a whole.


ESG Done Right

How did CVC get a handle on ESG? By recognizing that environmental, social and governance concerns are reflected in society at large, and therefore present a unique opportunity to improve operations, win customers, gain market share and exit with higher multiples.

“It’s not a trade-off,” insists Jean-Rémy Roussel, a managing partner at CVC.

I invited Jean-Rémy onto Dry Powder to explain how ESG can benefit every stakeholder in a company—from investors to managers to employees—as well as society as a whole. I would argue that this episode captures one of the clearest, most practical explanations of how a private equity firm can truly do well by doing good.

Today on the show, I ask Jean-Rémy to explain how CVC views ESG not as a gauntlet of threats but as a series of opportunities. He’ll also refute the notion that ESG necessarily erodes the bottom line.

“It is not a risk management, litigation issue,” he says. “It is a unique opportunity.”

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