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Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

Integrated Due Diligence: The Moving Picture

In part two of our series on integrated due diligence, Rebecca Burack returns to talk about the cutting-edge tools that help PE firms quickly see all the parts of a deal in a single, moving picture.


Integrated Due Diligence: The Moving Picture

“A lot of the funds that are winning deals out there, I think they are doing more integrated diligence,” says Rebecca Burack, leader of Bain’s Private Equity practice in the Americas. She explained how and why they’re doing it in the previous episode of Dry Powder, which you can listen to here.

But in the second part of our conversation on integrated due diligence, Rebecca raised an interesting point about this emerging trend: “This can't possibly be new.”

Indeed, it isn’t. Twenty years ago, what we're now calling integrated due diligence was the core due diligence approach. Integrated due diligence is just a throwback to that nearly forgotten era.

The method may be old school, but what’s new is the data. It’s changing fast, and the tools the leading firms are using are evolving fast.

In this episode, Rebecca and I discuss the data and tools involved in today’s integrated due diligence, including her favorite new power tool in the industry’s belt: the profit cube.


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