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Due Diligence

We help leading investors globally make better investment decisions by thoroughly assessing a target's full potential.

Due Diligence

Private equity firms are renowned for their deal discipline—knowing when it makes sense to proceed with an investment and when it's best to walk away. We understand this discriminating mindset and bring analytical rigor, independence, and a vast range of industry and functional expertise to the painstaking work of vetting a prospective buyout target or investment opportunity.

Our deep expertise and global network help us guide clients at all stages of the process. We begin with the investment thesis, which we flesh out and later test by concentrating on the big issues that will determine the deal's ultimate success. We then pair fieldwork—gaining insight into customers, suppliers, and competitors—with our best-in-class ecosystem of alternative data solutions, automation tools, and private equity-specific advanced analytics capabilities to build a proprietary understanding of the investment's true potential.

We build an integrated perspective that enables clients to decide whether to pursue the target, and to bid with confidence. Finally, as part of the due diligence process, we help clients develop an agenda for creating value once the deal is closed.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Introducing DealEdge®

A powerful, intuitive digital advisory product that gives private equity investors unprecedented insight into which deals have the most potential and where hidden opportunities exist to create value.

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Experience & Impact

Experience & Impact

Client Results

Global Private Equity Report 2023

We explore every key trend, from web3 and decarbonization to new growth opportunities, the impact of lingering uncertainty, and more.

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Global Healthcare Private Equity and M&A Report 2023

Gli investitori hanno dimostrato una notevole resistenza di fronte alle tensioni geopolitiche, all'inflazione e al crollo dei mercati azionari.


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