Retail M&A: Hot Takes from Leading Retailers

Bain's Alex Ramanathan talks to Gavin Felder of Yum! Brands and Mike Locker of The Home Depot about their strategies for navigating M&A in the retail sector.


Retail M&A: Hot Takes from Leading Retailers

Coming off record-breaking M&A deal value in 2021, the retail sector has remained resilient despite the uncertainty brought by inflation, the Russia-Ukraine war, and other factors. In this webinar recording, Bain’s Alex Ramanathan, a partner in our M&A practice, is joined by Gavin Felder, chief strategy officer of Yum! Brands, and Mike Locker, vice president of strategic business development at The Home Depot, to discuss their approach to M&A, including key strategies for picking winners, building M&A muscle, and divesting successfully.

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Retail M&A

Companies are swiftly pursuing deals and choosing partners to get on the quick-commerce express train.

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