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Deciphered: The Fintech Podcast

Deciphered: The Fintech Podcast

Brought to you by Bain & Co., each episode of Deciphered brings insight and analysis on specific industry topics, dissected with data with help from fantastic guests.



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Episode 3: In this episode we dive deeper into what embedded finance means for the traditional banking value chain. We’ll discuss how big the opportunity could get, some of the most pertinent use cases, and how wannabe players in the new value chain can start thinking about their participation choices and how to build the necessary capabilities to serve customers.

Guests: Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital and Sophie Guibaud, co-founder and CCO at Fiat Republic.

Episode 2: Almost halfway through the year, macroeconomic headwinds are significantly affecting the valuations of private and public fintech companies. With a possible recession looming, higher inflation squeezing consumer spending, and interest rates on the rise globally, it’s a stark contrast to only a few months ago, when fintech valuations were at their peak.

In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into what these headwinds mean for fintechs, where investors could and should look for growth, and how long this period of instability might last.

Guest: Tim Levene, Partner and CEO of Augmentum Fintech plc and Sarah Kocianski, Head of Strategic Insights at Founders Factory

Episode 1: 2021 was the year of explosive growth for BNPL, but in 2022 macro-economic factors and regulation will impact its course. The BNPL industry has seen a proliferation of players entering the market on thin margins. With our analysis suggesting the revenue is likely to ~3x for BNPL players over the next 5 years, is there room for everyone or will the unit economics, regulatory changes and macro-economic environment only allow for a small amount of players to emerge in a big way?

Guest: Nigel Verdon, CEO at Railsbank and Alexandra Lang, GM, Director of Product for Debit+ at Affirm

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