Allard Vegter



Leader in Supply Chain and Operations practice for Consumer Products

Profilo di Allard

Allard Vegter is a leader in Bain's Consumer Products and Performance Improvement practices.

He has more than 22 years of consulting experience, developing practical, action-oriented insights to deliver enduring results for his clients.

Within the Consumer Products industry, Allard has worked with many of the top-50 consumer goods companies, across food and beverage,  personal and home care. His main focus on Supply Chain transformations, with a special interest in portfolio complexity reduction, Design-to-Value, and Supply Chain & Network strategy.

In addition to his client work, Allard leads the Performance Improvement practice for CP clients in EMEA.

He holds a Master of Science in civil engineering from Delft University of Technology.

In his free time, besides devoting time to his family, Allard is an avid sailor and an active contributor to the Search And Rescue organization in the Netherlands.

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