Alvaro Pires


Iberia offices

Profilo di Alvaro


Alvaro Pires is a leader of our Private Equity practice in Iberia.

Alvaro holds more than 15 years of management consulting experience. He is passionate about working with private equity executives and management teams, focusing on building strategies and delivering results in very short time frames.

He holds broad consulting experience, including commercial and operational due diligence, strategy review, adjacency expansion and transformation programs, particularly across the industrial sphere. He has advised clients on more than 150 cases.

Alvaro has applied his management consulting expertise globally while at Bain, having lived in Asia, the United States and Europe. His client portfolio spans more than 15 countries.

In addition to his case work, he has held a number of leadership roles at Bain.

Alvaro holds an MBA from INSEAD and is trained as an electrical engineer, specializing in control systems and robotics.

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