Profilo di Marco

How did you end up working at Bain?

Anyone who knows me knows that I idolize all things American, so when I saw an internship posted for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew I’d do anything to get it. I was excited to be accepted and worked overtime in a local warehouse in addition to school to save up. It was difficult, but worth it. There, I was able to attend a consulting class at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I listened to a guest lecturer talk about his time at Bain and that was it. After that talk, Bain was my dream company.  

After university, I saw a Bain position in Warsaw, Poland - another city that I love. After a lot of hard work and preparation, I was hired. 

What about Bain was appealing to you? 

The class at the Georgia Institute of Technology was actually a 15-week simulation of what it’s like as a consultant. I was on a team of five students paired with a client in the Nordic countries, and we got to help them with a real-world challenge. This completely opened my eyes to the world of consulting. I really liked the whole process of diving into a clients’ business to try to come up with a creative solution using teamwork. That, along with lots of other seminars and lectures, convinced me that consulting was my desired career path. I owe a lot to that internship. 

What was it like starting as an analyst in Poland?  

I found myself in a new country with a new job where I didn’t speak the language, which I loved. But to be honest, the first months and the transition weren’t the easiest. I felt I wasn’t performing as well as I wanted to because there was just so much to learn. But my managers and colleagues were endlessly supportive. They ensured I was doing well professionally and personally, and I honestly feel I could dedicate this entire page to how welcoming they have been. It continues to mean a lot to me. Ever since I got settled, work has been going fantastic. 

What’s work like now? 

I love the job and I’m loving Poland. I feel like I’m developing rapidly. I get to work on a variety of problems. What I love about Bain is this is a place where they really encourage me to master my skills. It’s a place I can see myself growing. 

Marco's Career Story

“I'm loving working in Poland by way of the US and Sweden”