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Cyrille Vincey is a member of our Advanced Analytics and Retail practices.

He has more than 25 years experience serving private equity firms and corporate clients in various industries, always with an obsession of bridging business matters on one side, with technology and data science on the other side.

After years in the software and consulting space, Cyrille founded and developed a data science startup, soon acquired by a digital marketing player specialised in e-commerce. He then took on a Chief Data Officer role, and shipped a pioneering large scale Audience Sharing platform used by 8,000 e-retailers.

As a consultant, Cyrille has been working primarily in the retail industry, where data-driven innovation is a strategic asset to develop game-changing top line and bottom line strategies. He also enjoys leading or contributing to strategic projects in other tech-intensive or data-intensive industries. Cyrille has been assisting on most of the tech M&A deals in a series of niche software industries in Europe, including adTech, digital trust, and enterprise software.

As a technologist, Cyrille started his career at a software publisher, applying operational research and graph theory approaches to supply chain optimisation topics. Since then, he has always been keeping up with software development, especially around advanced data modelling. At Bain, he fosters a next generation of data-enabled consultants.

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