Genelle Kahan

Executive Vice President, New Ventures ,

San Francisco

Profilo di Genelle


  • Co-head of Moms at Bain for the Bay Area
  • 12+ years of firm experience

Genelle Kahan leads operations for Bain's portfolio of new ventures (Engine 2), comprised mainly of software and data businesses at various stages of maturity. In addition, Engine 2 houses Bain's internal incubator which aims to create radical new business models and drive diversity in Bain's core business.

Prior to her role in New Ventures, Genelle was a leader in Bain's Retail and Enterprise Technology practices. Within retail, she has deep experience with agile, customer strategy and segmentation, and operating models.

In addition to her time at Bain, Genelle spent four years in corporate strategy for Sephora.

Genelle is a mother of two girls and enjoys golfing, design, and traveling. She is also on the board of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, a non-profit children's museum.

She holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a BBA from the University of Washington in which she graduated magna cum laude.


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