Sam Liu

Expert Associate Partner,


Profilo di Sam

Sam Liu is a member of our Advanced Analytics practice.

He specializes in AI for marketing and sales, including Gen AI, personalization, retail media, and paid media. His work also involves operational improvements, focusing on demand forecasting and store/labor optimization. Sam's approach is collaborative and adaptable, aimed at finding solutions that align with specific client needs in various business contexts.

Sam's roles have ranged from developing infrastructure and data engineering to modelling and distributed computing. He has contributed to the development and implementation of analytics solutions for retail media and personalization products, aiding several of the firm's key clients. Sam's background in full-stack data science has enabled him to effectively guide projects from their initial stages through to full-scale production, particularly in the realm of marketing and sales.

Sam received his Masters in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley. He values continuous learning and actively seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills in AI. His commitment to the field is driven by a genuine passion for exploring how artificial intelligence can enhance business processes and outcomes.

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