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A regional strategy helps global retailer find its way

A global specialty retail conglomerate needed a new regional strategy to reverse a trend of lackluster performance. Bain performed a market-by-market analysis analyzing attractiveness, strategic position and fit and developed a comprehensive global plan. The resulting targeted actions for each market led to a 60 percent increase in market capitalization.

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  • 2.1x market capitalization
  • 60% increase in market capitalization

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The Situation

TradingPostCo* was ready to get on the high-growth track, but needed a new corporate strategy to guide the way.

  • TradingPostCo, a $10B global specialty retail conglomerate, had performed poorly over the past decade and had a drooping stock price to match
  • The company asked Bain to develop a corporate strategy for successful financial performance

Our Approach

Since TradingPostCo is a global retail conglomerate, it needed a regional strategy for its retail stores. Bain assessed each market separately for attractiveness, strategic position and fit with a new strategy.

Our Recommendations

Based on this analysis, Bain recommended that TradingPostCo take action appropriate for each market—including getting out of unprofitable locations.

The Results

TradingPostCo implemented the new strategy based on Bain's suggestion to break the company into independent regions. The resulting overall performance improvement has been impressive.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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