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How to sell more dog food

A leader in the nutritional pet food market needed help improving revenues and profit margins to adapt to the new competitive landscape. Bain helped design and implement sales improvements and a new growth plan, which doubled the company's revenue and profit growth.

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  • 2x revenue growth
  • 10% profit growth

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The Situation

HungryPetCo* is a leader in the nutritional pet food market with dominant positions in both prescription and wellness products.

The company has two main product categories: prescription products sold exclusively through vet channels and wellness products sold through vet and pet channels.

Recently, the company's longtime high growth trajectory flattened as the marketplace matured and new entrants gained market share. To improve revenues and profit margins, the company needed to adapt to the new competitive landscape. HungryPetCo asked Bain to help it regain sales momentum.

Our Approach

Bain quantified the effectiveness of current sales efforts and then created a new, differentiated approach to sales and trade marketing based on the highest-value accounts

Our Recommendations

Bain recommended a new strategy and organizational plan, based on the finding that sales to the trade and growing pet accounts represented the greatest opportunities.

The Results

HungryPetCo implemented Bain's sales improvement recommendations and growth plan, and the company soon doubled its revenue and profit growth.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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