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Associate Consultant, Boston

About Joshua

I'm Josh, and I'm an associate consultant (AC). I'm originally from New York and graduated as a history major from Princeton in 2016.

My first case was in the consumer products space. It was an integration between two large companies, and our role was to make sure the integration went as smoothly as possible. We also built new, distinct divisions from the different business units that connected the two companies in order to find cost and talent synergies.

"I never expected how much my approach to communication would develop at Bain."

My second case was within the telecommunications field, where we did a brand marketing reset and refresh for the client. After that, I worked on a diligence within the software space, and now I'm doing intellectual property work for the Bain Insights team.

Understanding Bain's approach to presenting and "communicating for results"—whether it's within internal teams or in client settings—has definitely strengthened my communication skills and boosted my confidence.