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How Companies Can Keep Up with Shoppers’ Accelerating Use of Mobile

The most successful sites get three things right.

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How Companies Can Keep Up with Shoppers’ Accelerating Use of Mobile

Where traffic goes, sales follow. According to research conducted before the Covid-19 outbreak, almost 40% of all online sales in Western Europe are made via mobile web access. In addition, some 82% of smartphone users consult their mobile phone just before they make an in-store purchase.

However, nearly 60% of customers in Western Europe cite the lack of a cross-device buying experience as a hurdle in the purchase process. And 61% of users leave for a competitor’s site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away.

To attract and keep customers when normal shopping patterns return, it will be helpful to look at the three things leading companies focus on: customer-centric design, strong technology and a data-driven approach to measuring and improving performance. Creating a frictionless experience with fast page-load times and flawless interactions is critical, as is explicitly tracking mobile KPIs such as a site’s load performance, conversion and bounce rate, and mobile customer satisfaction. Without this data, management can’t know whether its mobile technology is functioning well, understand how customers are responding or predict business outcomes.  

Mario Häuptli and Daniel Suter are partners based in Bain & Company’s Zurich office. Dr. Sebastian Walter leads ADAPT, Bain’s digital innovation and solutions team, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Bain’s Digital Discovery Hub in Berlin.

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