Biografie June

Hi, my name is June, and I'm an expert in Bain’s Global Advanced Analytics Group.

I've been with Bain for about eight years. I joined with a strong consulting background, and Bain gave me a platform to polish my skills and become an all-around consulting professional. I've had the opportunity to do a three-month transfer to Sydney and several other opportunities to visit Bain offices around the world.

I chose Bain because it opens the door to an infinite number of possibilities. I get to work across a wide range of industries, as well as across the full spectrum of advanced analytics capabilities, from things as simple as a regression to as complex as neural network. 

"I get to learn new things every day, on every single case."

My initial role was more of an individual contributor, working independently with consulting teams. In my current expert role, I function as an advisor and provide thought leadership to managers and partners, as well as supervise junior team members in executing cases.

Bain has taught me how to work effectively with people with different styles and personalities. Consulting is a people business; the more I interact with people, the better I get at building trust and friendship with colleagues across the globe. Even though my job is quite technical, delivering great results is just the beginning. It’s the people I work with who take the models I build and turn them into something greater!

Bain attracts people who are not only smart and skilled in doing the work, but also personable, creative and enthusiastic.