Press release

Bain & Company integrates Advantage Group International intelligence into FrontView

Bain & Company integrates Advantage Group International intelligence into FrontView

FrontView is an industry-leading software solution that helps consumer products companies work closely with retailers to jointly define and execute optimal value-creation strategies

  • settembre 09, 2020
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Press release

Bain & Company integrates Advantage Group International intelligence into FrontView

BOSTON, September 9, 2020 – Bain & Company has signed an agreement with Advantage Group International to integrate Advantage’s data into Bain’s market leading FrontViewSM product.

FrontView is a proprietary state-of-the-art software, powered by advanced analytics, that helps consumer products companies develop individually tailored customer plans that maximize value for both their retail customers and themselves.

The Advantage Group is an industry-leading source of data for suppliers and retailers in FMCG. For over 30 years and in over 40 markets globally, Advantage has supported business partners through its syndicated engagement program, collecting extensive quantitative and qualitative feedback across a variety of critical performance areas to measure and strengthen B2B performance.

“As negotiations with retailers become ever more complex especially after Covid-19, consumer goods companies need to rethink how they grow the joint profit pool with their customers,” said Eduardo Gimenez, partner at Bain & Company. “FrontView helps consumer goods companies design customer plans that adapt their value proposition to the strategy and economic model of their key retail partners.”

“Our role is to support consumer goods companies and their customers in driving mutual growth. We help our clients listen, understand, and align on a pathway to build a better business together. In that mission, there is a natural alignment between Bain and Advantage, and we are delighted to collaborate on ways to better serve our respective clients,” says Nick Langford, VP, Innovation at Advantage Group.

“We are convinced that technology will play a critical role in bridging the gap between consumer goods companies and retailers. We firmly believe that cooperation will be core to these industries and our solution helps quickly identify the areas that bring value to both parties,” said François Faelli, head of Global Consumer Goods practice at Bain & Company.

A proposito di Bain & Company

Bain & Company è l’azienda di consulenza a cui i business leader globali si rivolgono quando vogliono  ottenere  risultati.  Bain  fornisce  consulenza  ai  clienti  su  private  equity,  fusioni  e acquisizioni, operation, beni di largo consumo e retail, marketing, digital transformation e strategia, IT e advanced analytics, sviluppando informazioni e dati sulle quali i clienti possono fare  affidamento  e  trasferendo  competenze  che  permettono  di  radicare  il  cambiamento. Fondata nel 1973, Bain ha 63 uffici in 38 paesi e in Italia celebra quest’anno il trentrennale. Lasua  approfondita  competenza  e  il  suo  portafoglio  di  clienti  si  estendono  a  ogni  settore industriale ed economico e in Italia la rendono leader di mercato. Per maggiori informazioni: Seguiteci su Twitter @Bain_Italia @BainAlerts.

About Advantage Group International

Advantage Group is the leading advisor in business-to-business engagement globally. Over 30 years ago, in Toronto, Canada, founder Ron Pirie championed the belief that businesses work better together when they commit to actively listening and responding to each other’s feedback. Ron’s idea to have retailers rate and rank their suppliers was first conceptualized on a pizza box. Not long after, fast-moving consumer goods suppliers and retailers throughout North America began recognizing that engaged and measurable relationships are foundational to business performance. Today, our relationship measurement capabilities have become the gold standard for improving business-to-business engagement in over 40 countries. For more information: