Press release

Hugo Parkinson appointed to lead Bain & Company’s Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice in EMEA

Hugo Parkinson appointed to lead Bain & Company’s Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice in EMEA

Hugo will lead teams helping Bain’s advanced manufacturing clients tackle key strategic challenges and opportunities, building on rapid growth of the practice and taking it to the next level strategically and operationally

  • dicembre 09, 2022
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Press release

Hugo Parkinson appointed to lead Bain & Company’s Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice in EMEA

LONDONDecember 9, 2022— Bain & Company announced today that Hugo Parkinson, a London-based partner, will lead its Advanced Manufacturing & Services (AMS) practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Hugo, who previously led the firm’s UK AMS and Energy & Natural Resources practices, assumed his new management responsibility on December 1, 2022, and succeeds Oliver Straehle.

In his new EMEA-wide role, Hugo will lead teams and work helping Bain’s advanced manufacturing clients tackle their key strategic challenges at a time of far-reaching, fast-paced, disruptive change for businesses across industrial sectors. Hugo will further develop the practice’s business, building on the already strong foundations and expansion led by Oliver Straehle – who has more than doubled Bain’s revenues from industrial clients in EMEA – and taking Bain’s AMS business to the next level, both strategically and operationally.

Hugo brings to the position more than 14 years of international consulting experience, having joined Bain & Company in 2008 and having since developed deep expertise across advanced manufacturing, with a particular focus on Aerospace & Defence as well as business services. He has particular capabilities in strategy development, operating model & cost transformations, engineering program excellence, and post-merger integrations. He also has significant private equity experience, in particular with portfolio company transformations. Prior to joining Bain, Hugo was a submarine officer in the Royal Navy and he earned his 1st class M.Eng degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Bristol.

As regional practice lead for AMS in EMEA, Hugo will take responsibility for business and client development as well as management of the practice’s consultants and professional staff. 

“Hugo will build on the already very strong platform for our Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice, and a powerful EMEA-wide partner team, developed by Oliver over the past several years and take our important AMS business in the region to the next level,” said Domenico Azzarello, regional managing partner for EMEA. “Hugo is one of our most accomplished and capable experts in this area and brings an impressive track record, having earned deep trust with clients and colleagues. I am extremely confident he will further strengthen the firm’s position in our work with these sectors.”

Thomas Lustgarten, global practice lead for Advanced Manufacturing & Services, added: “Our AMS clients are facing unprecedented challenges in a whole range of areas, from supply chain disruption to fast-moving technological and geopolitical shifts. But this is also a time for industrial businesses to seize the moment to capitalise on change and emerging opportunity, whether that is from new technologies and innovations, new markets, or new and more powerful business models and practices. Importantly, this includes the crucial need for business to grasp the ESG imperative with greatly improved sustainability and a push towards net zero.

“Hugo’s record and impressive experience in leading the delivery of innovative transformations to secure our client’s full potential make him ideally suited to take over from Oliver and continue the practice’s strong performance in EMEA helping our clients address all of these challenges and opportunities. He will integrate into our tightly-knit team of hand-picked leaders and I’m excited to work with him in the years to come.”

Hugo added: “I’m hugely looking forward to working closely with businesses across the region, as well as with the practice’s immensely talented team of partners and consultants in EMEA, as we help our clients drive the future success, profitability and sustainability of their enterprises.”

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