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Shared Services

Our Share Smarter, Serve Better approach helps you rethink what work gets done, how and by whom. The result: Your people can focus their skills and energy on the work that matters most to your strategy - and do it faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Bain Partner Patrick O’Hagan discusses key success factors for Shared Services design.

Risultati attesi

Risultati attesi

It’s exciting times in shared services. Companies are evolving their vision of shared services from being a source of cost savings through scale to a source of competitive advantage and exceptional customer experience. 

Shared services organizations are becoming multi-function and global, shifting to Global Business Services (GBS).  Leaders are finding more, often higher value services to centralize, upgrading analytics and insights, scaling automation, adopting Agile ways of working, and more consistently measuring customer satisfaction. 

We partner with leading companies to support the full shared services journey from strategy through transition and execution.  We support companies across the lifecycle, whether you are implementing shared services for the first time, migrating from dispersed, single function shared services to Global Business Services, or transforming the performance of your existing shared services to deliver more value to the business. 

We bring a full range of capabilities, including delivery model redesign, process redesign, outsourcing and offshoring, to help you achieve your goals. Our integrated digital delivery platform, Vector, provides advanced analytics and automation (including RPA) expertise, helping your shared services get more value from technology.  And most importantly, we help with the talent strategies and with change management, through our Results360℠ solution, to achieve the adoption of shared services by the business necessary for success.

Client Results

Client Results


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