Navigating the Complex Shift to a New Energy Future

Net Zero Accelerator helps you decarbonize, efficiently and profitably

Navigating the Complex Shift to a New Energy Future

Formula 1 racing is a high-performance sport, requiring skilled, lean and focused teams. Businesses with these qualities are effective at overcoming the challenges of their own race courses, but they’ve never had to account for carbon emissions comprehensively across their entire value chain. As the rules of the game change, those high-performance qualities can become obstacles. We can help your organization tackle these types of challenges.

Net Zero Accelerator is a comprehensive approach to decarbonization that helps you navigate the energy transition in a highly coordinated way. We work closely with you to evaluate and prioritize a growing array of decarbonization opportunities, and custom-fit a solution that works for your assets and operations.

Our experience shows that even successful companies can struggle with shifting decarbonization priorities. Common obstacles include:

  • Ownership and coordination of decarbonization efforts are lacking in the organization.
  • Decarbonization is not hardwired into business decisions, KPIs, or incentives.
  • The C-suite is not explicit about decarbonization as a priority.
  • Decarbonization is not the focus of employee development and attraction.
  • No solid emissions baseline and monitoring process exists to measure progress.
  • Decarbonization is not linked to corporate strategy and core business processes.

In addition, decarbonization presents new and complex challenges—engaging regulators when the rules are changing, appealing to customers who are moving further apart, and managing investors' expectations during change.

We can help you set and meet an ambitious goal for decarbonization, with a transition strategy tailored to your exact needs.


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